Author, Publisher, Screen writer, University Spanish Professor and Minister, Zarata H. Scott recieved national attention as the Essence Woman for the National Essence publication for her work in creating a spiritual based magazine entitled: "Your Bread & Water". She has interviewed celebrities such as Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Martin Luther King III, Susan Taylor, Shirley Caesar, Sammy Sosa, Myles Munroe, Vice President, Joe Biden, Al Sharpton and others. Zarata (recognized as "Zee") has authored, co-authored and published several books. Ruff Bus #25, Spnish thru Symbols, Preach Referend Hickman and is currently working on a new book. As a screen writer and author of various literature, Zarata has seen her work on the Silver Screen and her written works on the desk of major publishing companies. Zarata teaches on the university and corportate level and has over 30 years experience in community and cultural projects. Another one of her passions is film. Film and writing are the tools she uses to implement social change. In addition to being in the academia sector for years, she is also a graduate of the Hollywood FIlm Institute and a certified Film producer and Director. Zarata has particpated in a few Film festivals as a film critic and feels as though film is a powerful media to change the mindset of the world. A world that needs to be elevated to the high plane of ""wisdom from above." Purpose of "Your Bread & Water" is: "To present a fresh, versatile and unique approach to the spiritual world as it ties into the natural world and natural issues of love and marriage, education, business, the arts, film, entertainment, sports, health, beauty and politics. It is "news that you can live by". In today's society there are so many negative forces working together to camouflage truth. The scarlet letters of falsehood are in constant battle with the rainbow of truth. Sensationalism and fads are sweeping people off their feet to the tune of an offbeat melody. Your Bread & Water speaks to the young as well as the old via film, written articles, radio, and tv talk shows. It presents a captive revelation of truth for all ages. It crosses all cultures, color lines and ethnicities. By reading and studying "Your Bread & Water", you can look forward to a better, brand new day coming straight at you. Here's from me to you and your families".

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