Soul Baffling 4/11: Introduction


Peace and Blessings to all my Queens and young ladies blessing my blog today. I have never done a blog before; however I have convinced myself that this is a necessary step in my journey of Me. That revealing ones' truth about different traumatic and life altering events, would help me to move past any emotional stains and scars left from a sea of turmoil. We as women are so quick to tear one another down and then boldly look for and even demand a man to respect and cherish us; treat us like Queens. In case you didn't get the memo not every woman deserves the title Queen; however every woman deserves respect and to be cherished. This should first take place in the mirror. This blog will be a diary of sorts, a place to divulge some not so great truths about men and the effects they're choices left us. Most of these stories will be from my experiences and others will be from those to whom I know but won't expose identity. I hope that through my experiences and through sharing that I will hip the next young lady to the games and hopefully build up our pretty girls so that we can rebuild our men and reclaim our families. I look forward to your comments and questions and hopefully your stories as well.

This is a NEGATIVE FREE ZONE Please respect everyone's opinion. Please forgive me for any future beginners mistakes. Thank you!


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