Angelina Jolie Begs Brad Pitt To Help Her Amid Crises – He Refuses To Do So, Here's Why



It looks like Angelina Jolie is going through a rough time lately and she has turned to the father of her children, Brad Pitt for some help. We have learned that he actress made a distress call to Pitt amid her struggles with a few different issues, including public backlash and a dramatic weight loss that puts her health in danger.

Jolie reportedly had a massive meltdown over a Vanity Fair profile, but according to sources close to her, there is much more going on in the star's life than we get to see.

Apparently, Angie is in a really bad place at the moment and she is 'staring to crack' under the pressure.

Having to take care of their six children, the move, as well as managing tons of different projects are things that really took a toll on the busy actress.

Now, she wants some help from her ex-husband Brad, but the man is ignoring her plea because he is certain Angie has a hidden agenda.

Besides, the actor is sick of always begging to see his kids during sparse supervised visits – she never makes it easy for him, why should he?

'Truth is though, he is the only person who could lift her out of these stressful patches, so it is no surprise she is missing his support and offering this olive branch,' the source explained.

The already stressed actress was slammed recently for allegedly playing sick games involving money with poor Cambodian children auditioning to be in her movie First They Killed My Father.

But Jolie denied the news was true, claiming that the game was in fact not real but just a scene from the movie and that the children were well aware of it.

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