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    Being a native of NY, it has been made very clear to me that I am not to believe I'm equal simply because I AM a Black woman. I have been shown this, have had actions displayed and have been told this and have learned to deal with it. I do understand those thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with me and that hatred is an emotional illness taught and nurtured through fear, it's best advocate, yet I've not had the experience of being in the company of anyone who exuded such hatred until yesterday. Name calling I've experienced but sensing such distain from the spirit was a new experience.
    What I saw and felt was truly intimate at the level of the dislike being so much the living, thinking, and breathing of two men I spoke with yesterday that the energy was so alive and on the surface of who they are. Everything in my body rang out in fear to the degree that my tingly senses were on high...
    We chatted lighty and it my saying "have a good day", the man starring at me, said "no, have a blessed day".
    I saw a look in his eyes that caused me to remember how Elmer Fudd looks at Bugs seeing him served up on a tray ready to eat! In that very moment, I knew my blessing was truly having the ability, the freedom to walk away......
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