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    This historic venture between Punch TV Studios and KILM secures Punch TV as one of the top companies in America to watch. Punch TV will broadcast on all cable providers including AT&T, Comcast, Charter, DIRECTV, Dish Network and Frontier Communications. Punch TV is sure to impress, providing cutting edge and relevant content to the network’s viewers and continuing its dedication and commitment to the community.Punch TV has taken things to another level by building their own production studio where they will shoot all of their original sitcoms, dramas, and reality series. Punch TV is already known in the industry for providing cutting entertainment to its viewers. “The new studio will take our productions and company to the next level” - Producer at Punch TV Studios. The studio has already hosted two hilarious comedy shows in the studio and they packed the house out. On top of the live shows they are already shooting some live action sitcoms as well as some children shows in the studio. I know that Punch TV is the future of entertainment and I’m so proud to be around when they are first starting out.One of my favorite things about the network is that they have content created for a diverse audience created by mostly African-Americans. It just shows that we can appeal to a large and diverse group of people. It’s great because Punch TV is really trying to influence their community by getting them involved with investing in a company.
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